Manchester and Milan feel the heartbeat increasing with Turkish Airlines’ countdown creative for UEFA Champions League Final

Awarion CreativeLab’s award winning dynamic creative ideation and production capabilities were put on the European stage in June, as Turkish Airlines ran a live countdown creative on premium publishers in Manchester and Milan towards the biggest football final of the European game, the UEFA Champions League Final held in Istanbul this year.

Fans of Manchester City and Inter Milan using the main transport hubs of their home cities started seeing the dynamic ads 10 days before the final.

A full HTML creative was produced to countdown to kick off on June 10, 9pm CEST

“We’re very proud that Istanbul hosted the final of this prestigious competition and of course proud that Turkish Airlines selected Awarion as their partner for this project,” said Alp Ayhan, CEO of Awarion.

“We have demonstrated the power of data-driven creatives before with our research and we always proactively suggest the use of such creatives whenever we have specific briefs to work on. Our clients like to reach out to us for our ideas and we’re immensely proud of that. Whilst our platforms offer self-service activations, a 10 minute conversation can change an ordinary campaign to an extraordinary one – and our motto has always been ‘believe in extraordinary’.”