Toyota Hybrid uses ad tech to showcase its car tech


Cadreon Turkey launches live traffic-targeted, programmatic DOOH campaign with multiple dynamic creatives for Toyota Hybrid cars

The abundance of live data and increase in ad tech capabilities provides endless possibilities for brands that have a programmatic approach to media buying. Toyota’s latest campaign in Turkey with agency Universal McCann and its programmatic unit Cadreon, programmatic DOOH stack Awarion and DSP Platform 161, demonstrates usage of these assets to the full extent, with data-driven targeting and creative generation on-the-fly to resonate with an audience on the go.

Toyota’s hybrid cars charge themselves in a traffic jam, so what better way of communicating this feature than using those stop-start moments in the city. Activated by Awarion using live traffic data around each of the selected DOOH locations, Toyota’s creatives were four-fold; a creative using a live traffic map, one showing live currency exchange rates to grab attention, one using average noise pollution levels emphasising Toyota’s quietness and another pointing out draining phone battery levels and Toyota Hybrid cars that charge themselves.

Showing the “heavy traffic” ahead on a map, Toyota was able to point out how Toyota Hybrid car owners are actually making “heavy savings” by using both petrol and electricity. Using major DOOH locations belonging to media owners OutdoorTV Mass and Lookscreens, Toyota hit the message home in a fully automated fashion.

“We’re able to monitor the campaign live on Platform 161 and see how traffic is triggering our campaign spend. The beauty of programmatic DOOH is that your campaign budget only gets used at the moments that you want. We even optimised the campaign after seeing one location had more jams than others. We shifted budget with a few clicks, ” said Taylan Koru, Head of Digital at Universal McCann.

“To add to that, data-driven creative capabilities make our campaign even more effective by putting the data into real use in our messaging.” Koru also pointed out that mobile proximity marketing and data company Blesh’s push notification advertising channel was also used in-sync with and to boost programmatic DOOH, to reach individual users stuck in traffic adjacent to the targeted inventory.

Awarion’s founder and CEO Alp Ayhan seconds the creative aspect of the project. “The Toyota campaign is one of our favourites, because it makes use of our creative lab where our team create assets that are guided by data. Every brand is welcome to use the numerous audience, traffic and environmental targeting options we have, but the key thing is capturing the out-of-home consumer’s attention.”

The campaign ran throughout October 2018 across five high reach roadside screens.

Campaign Results

Toyota the best selling car in November 2018 for the first time in Turkey
Toyota sales 44% up from last year
Push Notification engagement rates over 60% higher than benchmarks
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