Awarion takes PDOOH to padel centres in Sweden, through partnership with Padelmedia

Data-driven DOOH platform Awarion formally announces a partnership with Padelmedia in the Nordics, a DOOH network present in more than 90 padel centres.

Padel, a racket sport that has soared in popularity in recent years, is played by enthusiasts every day in panelled courts. It’s a game that seems like a cross between squash and tennis and usually played in doubles, and Padelmedia’s screens provide access to this health and fitness focused audience, mostly in the Swedish metropoles of Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo.

Advertisers have already capitalised on the programmatic activation provided by Awarion, says its CEO Alp Ayhan: “We’re delighted that advertisers immediately showed interest in Padelmedia’s screens when we launched earlier this year. Padel is immensely popular across the world, and it attracts a trendsetting, fitness conscious audience which perfectly matches many of our brands.” 

Jonas Andersson, founder and CEO of Padelmedia said: “Partnerships like the one with Awarion give us a great boost as we’re planning to install 100 – 150 more units in 10 different cities this year.”

Clas Svensson, COO of Padelmedia, said: “Our displays have hosted targeted campaigns from brands like Ving Travel, Powerade and Wilson which provide an excellent point of reference for the market.”