Awarion publishes research on dynamic creative in DOOH: results massively in favour of data-driven campaigns

First announced in the IAB Turkey DOOH Webinar held in October 2022, the research conducted on 200 participants shows the power of dynamic creative in DOOH.

Respondents were overwhelmingly in favour of the use of data in creatives. In one question, 81% of participants said they found an containing real-time weather data was more engaging than a standard video ad on digital out-of-home.

Brand perception scores were also better through campaigns that used data-driven creative in DOOH. Sixty-seven percent of respondents said an ad using live survey results left a stronger brand perception.

Conducted with the support of Universal McCann’s AdScience team, the research used videos of actual campaigns as materials when asking the questions to sample.

Awarion CEO, Alp Ayhan said: “The research shows that data-driven DOOH creative beats standard video. Our CreativeLab has been churning out ideas and executing approved scenarios with success. We’re now using complex decision making algorithms and infusing advertiser data to fuel creativity and campaign effectiveness. The research shows that the effort resonates with people.

“The statistic that shows that high-earners are even more likely to respond in favour of dynamic ads shows that in today’s ad cluttered world, advertisers need to showcase more than a familiar celebrity in their ads and get technology to write and design their ad copy for them in a split second.”

The infographic visualising the results can be found on this page.