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Out Of Home advertising is now programmatic

Awarion has turned screens into dynamically targetable inventory for agencies.

See your ad displays in real time, target individual screens, set your own rules across OOH networks, run cross-channel campaigns from a DSP.

Additional revenue stream for OOH networks

Bring additional demand to your OOH network – take weight off from your campaign management and sales teams.

Your OOH network can now watch International demand come in and be part of the programmatic progression.

Data-driven DOOH: stand out from advertising clutter

Awarion’s technology links DSPs to DOOH networks, making campaign launches a simple task.

Dayparting, real-time audience data, first-party retail data, traffic, sentiment targeting all make DOOH hugely more efficient and creative.

Estee Lauder brands use Awarion Programmatic OOH
Audience targeting with Awarion Focus means your ad runs when your target audience is indexing highly, in real-time
Retarget DOOH exposed users on their mobile devices or sync mobile campaigns, all from the same DSP
Through real-time data, Awarion provides exposure metrics such as VAC. View your KPIs and audience trends with DOOH reports
Creative Lab
Awarion handles dynamic, data-driven creative production for you

Alp Ayhan

Founder, CEO Alp Ayhan has been active in programmatic media buying since…

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